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Humble beginnings would certainly be an accurate way to describe the birth of Hawaii Landscape. Seventy-two years ago, our father had a vision and with two thousand dollars in hands, turned an 11,000 square feet nursery into what is now a million dollar landscaping business that has literally doubled in size - Sin Hak Soon Garden.

Currently named Hawaii Landscape was nestled at the foot of Caldecott Hill Estate alongside their competitors but although they may be visually inconspicuous in what appears to be a nursery enclave, they certainly stand out within the industry as one of pioneer landscape architect in Singapore and region. This prime location, in which Ngee Ann City resides today, was not a feasible spot to run a nursery in back then, as there were too many bullock carts and dhobi men on bicycles crowding the area. This is one of the reasons our father sold the plot of land to the Ngee Ann Kongsi foundation when he took over the helm. The land went for two thousand dollars which is equivalent to approximately more than hundreds millions dollars now. With that money, they moved to their second location in Dunearn road.

Hawaii Landscape was officially registered in 1968 as Sole Proprietorship when the business registration act was passed in Singapore. Their second move from Dunearn Road to Bukit Timah took place due to a government resettlement scheme. During this time, the Singapore Green Plan was launched by the then Ministry of the Environment, now known as the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (MEWR). This was a move to balance environmental and developmental needs and become a model “green city” by the year 1970 which helped the business flourish significantly.

As far as their work philosophy goes, Hawaii Landscape believes in making life better for people by bringing them quality without compromise. This applies to our staff as well who are brought overseas to explore ideas while enjoying a free company trip. The reason behind the name Hawaii Landscape was through the inspiration drawn when we first landed in Hawaii Islands half century ago and was captived by the tropical scenery, which made us feel at home. We try their best to recreate that calm and serene one feels in Hawaii into their design for customers.

Through constant reinvention and hardwork, Hawaii Landscape has gained a fair share of recognition, which is seen through Gold & Silver awards for the Singapore Garden Festival Awards and one from the National Parks. As we so aptly put it, Landscaping will never be obsolete. People will always need plants, nature, greenery.

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In practice the foregoing fields, the following details services are rendered to obtain the most efficient, economical, functional and to date design :

  1. Architectural and Engineering
  2. Site investigation
  3. Surveys
  4. Preliminary studies of existing site contouring
  5. Identify water sources and availability infrastructure
  6. Site utilization and land use
  7. Conceptual design and preliminary design
  8. Budgetary estimates
  9. Construction drawings and details
  10. Mobilization
  11. Holding site and holding nursery management
  12. Project management & supervision
  13. Practical completion & handling over
  14. Testing & commissioning
  15. Maintenance works


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